Bride Ride 2012

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 30th, 2012, 3:30 PM – 6 PM
Located at Camp:


Start planning now for BRIDE RIDE, Fertility 2012. Folks in bridal attire will unite for a spectacular playa ride. Bride Ride 2012, donning our chosen bridal attire (you are the bride), so pack a wedding dress. Past, present, future, imagined, symbolic, playful, silly, reflective, contemplative, joyous, heavy hearted, fulfilled, disappointed, younger, older brides are all welcome...come one, come all......come in your choice of playa wedding attire (something old, new, borrowed, or blue, bought for the ride, or have had on hand, whatever you choose). The plan is to gather for a sisterhood sunset ride and to celebrate fertility, womanhood, sisterhood, life, love, friendship, femininity, beauty or reflect, dream, remember, mourn, manifest. It's all welcome. We will take a bike ride around the playa, route to be determined, and eventually make our way around to the temple to end our ride. According to the Dreams Dictionary “To see wedding clothes, signifies you will participate in pleasing works and will meet new friends.” So let’s make a "playa-dream" together, make new friends, find our own personal meaning in this symbolic act and in the process create some playa beauty too. Meet in front of Camp RhythmWave, slated to be 4:45pm and Foxglove.