Safe/Successful Entheogenic Experiences On Playa

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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009, 1:30 PM – 3:30 AM
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Teonanacatl, the tool of the gods on the playa.
This lecture will focus on the Tryptamines in general, and the sacred mushrooms that produce these chemical in particular.
The need for individuals to have a good understanding of their relationship with the Tryptamines is essential, and the knowledge of these powerful and sacred tools is paramount to revealing set goals for your experiences. I will discuss dosage guidelines, as well as medical implications, diet, and set and setting. There is also a need for understanding how your state of mind, diet, and other medications can drastically change your experience, as well as the effects of “layering”, or mixing different substances.
I will also be discussing the importance of safety from both a legal standpoint, as well as a practical standpoint. Also a discussion of the on-playa resources for those who find themselves or a campmate in psychological distress. and where to go in case there is a need for professional medical and/or psychological assistance.
Please come and learn, but remember that this information is for those who are seeking knowledge, not the substances. Please respect our gift of information by not bringing or asking us where to obtain these medicines, or ask us to identify the strange dried substance someone gave you.
Ranger Spoerboy