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Playa Events Submission Opens in June!
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About Playa Events

Playa Events are offered to participants and curated by the theme camps.

Submit your events here for the 2023 BRC Event.

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Where do approved Playa Events appear?

  • WhatWhereWhen printed guide available at Greeters, which contains a subset of the events submitted here.
  • Innovate community built applications -- developers can request an API key for mobile or web application development.
  • Playa Events website (here)
  • Playa Info directory during the BRC event. Add a password when creating your event so you can edit it on playa at Playa Info.

Key Dates - Be Ready!

  • 6/20 Playa Events opens for submissions
  • 6/27 Latest submission date to have the opportunity to get into the printed WhatWhereWhen guide
  • 8/09 Playa Events submissions close