Johnny's Memorial @ The Temple

Date and Time:
Monday, August 31st, 2009, 8 PM – 7 AM
The Temple (memorial for loved ones who have passed)
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8pm Monday August 31st at The Temple:
Please join Suzanne (wife of Dr.John Lynch,ND) & friends to honor his life & what would have been their 6th Burning Man Wedding Anniversary. Johnny 1/05/09 transitioned (passed away)on our Guru's birthday (Parmahansa Yogananda). We will chant to Radha & Krishna next to his memorial for Johnny, his wife & for all that have passed away since the last burn. Hug & hold Suzanne (Johnny's wife) & chant aum. Suzanne plans to spend the night at The Temple in honor of their anniversary. Company to keep her warm & safe would be appreciated. "Johnny was the most wonderful husband in all of the Universes."- Quote from Suzanne his unbiased wife. Dr.Lynch took his last breath in his meditation chair after they had cuddled & made out on their bed, with one of their cats cuddling with them. Seated in his chair, Suzanne placed her left hand on his heart & held his left hand in her right & repeated 3x's, "Baby I love you so much! baby I love you so much! Divine Mother loves you! Guruji loves you!" Her husband slipped through the cracks of our health care system...or he would be here today. Check the website to read more about him & their beautiful love story.