Piano tuner repair and performer

Date and Time:
Monday, August 31st – All Day
Located at Camp:
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If you have brought a real piano to the playa, it will need to be tuned and possibly repaired. I can come to your camp and get it into shape for you. I am also a piano player and am looking for pianos to perform on.

In 2007, I came to the playa with my upright piano on a rolling platform and played all over the place. Unfortunately I had to be airlifted out of Burning Man due to a health emergency and had to leave my piano behind. I understand it was here last year, even though I wasn't, and that it was possibly gifted to the DPW, who may have burned it or may have stored it and are bringing it back. It is a black upright with a sliding window on the front. If it shows up somewhere this year, I would love to come tune and repair it for whomever has taken care of it and play my heart out for you.

Contact me at Playa Magic, located at 3:00 and Adept. I will be there all week, and have piano tuning gear with me to bring to your camp.

If before the event,contact me at 713-855-9077