Two Men & Dolly

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 31st – All Day
Tuesday, September 1st – All Day
Wednesday, September 2nd – All Day
Thursday, September 3rd – All Day
Friday, September 4th – All Day
Saturday, September 5th – All Day
Roaming BRC … Every Where
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Two Men & Dolly will be roaming BRC 24/7 in search of Temporary Shelter, Food, and Adventure. After 15+ combined years of BM exposure this is what it has evolved into. They will appear at spontaneous times to offer, Playa 101 for Virgins, Morn. Vodka Court, Gifts, Tricks & Fire Magick. Ready to interact with other Burners or Characters of the Dust. These two will teach & encourage the BurningMan Principles to the MaX. So please offer up BRC hospitality if Two Men & A Dolly show up at YOUr camp. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust is a good start.
P.S. We do except invites.