DIY Tattooing

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009, 12 PM – 2 PM
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Come learn DIY tattooing. Safety Pins, India Ink, alcohol swabs, rubbing alcohol, and bandaids provided.
Bring: clean bandana (or cloth), a dish (for the alcohol/water mix) a bottle cap, a friend and an idea!

Stick and Poke Tattoos are based in tribal tattoo practices, though modern day time you can find tattoo circles at Earth First Rendevous', Student Coops, and Crusty Punk houses. You take something sharp and through a series of punctures through the skin, you too can have your very own, DIY tattoo. Aloe has experience taking the Crusty Punk tattoo culture and sterilizing it to safety. She believes in honor and the pain being part of the growth, which is why she doesn't use thread.....more explained about her philosophy of tattoo honor and practices at the workshop!