Car Deconstruction Awareness Process

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 31st, 2009, 9 AM – 2 AM
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009, 9 AM – 2 AM
7:10 & Homonid : Drake's Deconstruction & Paradigm Wreckers Camp
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Hi, I'm Drake. And this is My Last Car. After being addicted to fossil fuels for some years now, I have decided to get off this sauce.

And I invite You to the process. I submit to you this car as an offering, a site where we will deconstruct our suicidal transport, collectively, beautifully, finally.

Come take part in the complete dismantling of My Last Car. A symbolic process of human evolution away from fossil fuel addiction and over-consumption. A provocation toward the end of the paradigms that are killing us. A metaphorical ode to the End of the Automobile Era as We Once Knew It.

Your process with the vehicle is open-ended and free to evolve along the lines of however you are inspired to deconstruct yourself and the vehicle. Your process will be facilitated by Drake, with an ethos of Maximum Freedom of Awareness Process + Leave No Trace at all times.

We have implements of deconstruction a'plenty; feel free to BYOT as well (bring your own tools!).

Until it be a car no more.

Phase I of II. Monday morning through Tuesday evening.
See calendar for the Transition Ritual and Phase II.

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