Black Rock City 48 Hour Film Project 2005-2008

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009, 9 PM – 10 PM
Located at Camp:
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Come see the results of the Black Rock City 48 Hour Film Project! Each of
these movies was made in 48 hours on the playa. "Cinderplaya" features a
wizard searching for his playa love. "Portaman" discovers a mastermind's
plan to destroy Burningman. "Sister Lucy" helps burners learn about sex.
During "Abandon ALL Hope and Fear", a dream teaches the way of the playa.
More movies included. At Videogasm. Bring your own chair or tarp. (Want
to make a film? Stay after and join a team, or follow the instructions
poster found at PlayaInfo and Videogasm.)