Barefoot Bliss

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, August 31st – All Day
Wednesday, September 1st – All Day
Thursday, September 2nd – All Day
Friday, September 3rd – All Day
Saturday, September 4th – All Day
Sunday, September 5th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Great Balls of Fire
Contact Email:


Come to Great Balls of Fire to receive the best care available on the Playa for women with two feet (or even one!). The alkaline quality of the Playa surface can dehydrate and damage our skin, and our feet get a big dose of it if you’re wearing sandals, flip-flops, or *going barefoot*. Our feet are a part of our bodies that are often receive far less attention than they deserve given how vital good foot health is for our mobility and overall well-being. So reconnect with your feet and revitalize them by pampering them with a Barefoot Bliss treatment that includes a lemon juice bathing to neutralize alkalinity, followed by a luxuriant reflexology foot massage using rehydrating lotion. The treatment requires being barefoot, (of course!) and utter bliss is the guaranteed result, hence the name. Your feet will thank you!

The gift of Barefoot Bliss is available throughout each day beginning Tuesday morning. Look for the Barefoot Bliss signs at the Great Balls of Fire camp and ask for Pringles. It’s offered primarily for women of the Playa, but Pringles will have a female assistant who will be available at select times for interested boyfriends and overflow women.