Date and Time:
Monday, August 30th, 2010, 5:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Located at Art:
Dragon Smelter
Dragon Smelter (7:45 1700)
Playa as Placed by ARTery


1.) MOLD MAKING WORKSHOPS The first aspect of using the Dragon Smelter is creating the sand molds to cast art. 2 workshops will occur on playa at the DS (see ARTeries Location map) in the late afternoon @ 5:30 p.m. Tues, 08/30 and Thurs, 09/02. It last 2 hours, involves using steel frames, art “story” boards, sand & binder in a mini-cement mixer and pressure setting sand to create negative mold images & forms to cast into. 2.) Large Casting Events: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m, Wed. 09-01 & Fri. 09-03 @ Dragon Smelter The large casting events involve DS team members plus you, volunteers from BRC “walk-ups”. We will fire the smelter kiln to 1900 degrees, deposit recycled aluminum cans in the crucible, then pour the melted contents into the sand molds to create relief sculptures. 3.) METROPOLIS COINAGE The small coin smelter is a minature DS. small furnace, crucible and cast iron coin dye which is light and totally mobile. We will be operating this during the big casting events at the DS & also daily @ different locations around Burning Man. Check with ARTERies for our daily location if you wish to participate, make yourself a coin on other than big casting event days. This coin is a gifting to reward recycling by all citizens of BRC & also to celebrate the work of Recycle Camp in taking our aluminum cans every year, turning them into funding for Paiute Tribe youth education. For those who participate in this effort, bring their aluminum cans to Recycle Camps we want to convert one or two of them into a “Metropolis Coin” as a gift to reward your effort. 2 to 3 members of our Dragon Smelter team will operate this little machine daily making coins with or for you. 4. P.M. PLAYING WITH FIRE Dragon Smelter spits flames from it’s mouth and tail. You can participate in running these effects at night with us. Come to the DS when you see them start up. Our team will show you how to safety set these shooting flame affects off. </html>