Camp Oopsy!

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 30th – All Day
Tuesday, August 31st – All Day
Wednesday, September 1st – All Day
Thursday, September 2nd – All Day
Friday, September 3rd – All Day
TBA - check at medical tents for exact location after Monday Morning, or watch for stickers being handed out
Contact Email:


Doc Spike and Nurse Fuzzy bring you Camp Oopsy to help with those unexpected...oopsies! Need an extra condom (you lucky devil you?)? Period surprise you? Ran out of bandaids for that minor ouchie? If you've had an oopsy (and really, who hasn't?!) drop by our self service station, open Monday to Friday, 24 hours (or while supplies last) and pick up a condom, tampon, pad or small bandaid. Condoms generously donated by Options for Sexual Health BC ( Stay and chat if we're around - we love to talk sexual health!