Mister Orgasm

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 30th – All Day
Tuesday, August 31st – All Day
Wednesday, September 1st – All Day
Thursday, September 2nd – All Day
Friday, September 3rd – All Day
Saturday, September 4th – All Day
Sunday, September 5th – All Day
Monday, September 6th – All Day
Mature Audiences
Located at Camp:
Silicon Village
Mist'R Cool Camp in Silicon Village
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Mister Orgasm is a prototype of a new type of EXTERNAL female vibrator.

Women are very different, so it is difficult for women to find the right vibrator for themselves. Mister Orgasm works for a wide array of women because it adapts to your shape and desires.

It is used in a relaxed position lying on your back, and makes it super easy to control pressure and intensity.

Come give it a whirl. If you have never tried a vibrator, then this is the one to try first. If you have, this could be the best one yet.

By appointment only to ensure it is always properly cleaned and covered.

Use it alone or with a companion inside a private yurt.

Feedback appreciated to improve the product.

Mister Orgasm is located in Mist'R Cool Camp at 8:00 and G, which is part of the larger Silicon Village .