ATTOL's Famous Orgy Dome

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 30th – All Day
Tuesday, August 31st – All Day
Wednesday, September 1st – All Day
Thursday, September 2nd – All Day
Friday, September 3rd – All Day
Saturday, September 4th – All Day
Sunday, September 5th – All Day
Monday, September 6th – All Day
and then there's only LOVE...
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Sexiled? Need a place away from your camp mates to get it on with your new playa friends? Can't find a place to safe-sex it up on playa? Come to "And Then There's Only Love"! We have a fully equipped, environmentally sealed, safe-sex space ready for you and up to a dozen of your friends to use anytime, day or night! With massage table, mattresses, sheets, supplies, and surprises you can share. *** Open to all genders and preferences - closed to the creepy