CareFactorNil's Lip Dub Music Video Project

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 31st, 2010, 10 PM – 1 PM
Located at Camp:
Syncytium Maze
Contact Email:


I did a "lip dub" music video (well 4) for my girl as a present. Except I thought I was doing something original, but it turns out a lot of people do this. I wanted to do another couple and so I thought, where better than at Burning Man? So if you want to be part of it (probably only 1 line per person or group) then come and join me in the Syncitium Maze, just on the ring round round centre camp (I'm living there so drop in anytime). Should only take a minute or so of your time. After the event I'll edit the video together so it's like one whole music video with everyone lipsynching and then post on youtube for you to see and share with friends.
Songs to be finalised, but expect one to be The Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You".
If you've no idea what I'm on about, check out the ones I did for my girl and you'll get the idea: