Throat Singing

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 30th – All Day
Tuesday, August 31st – All Day
Wednesday, September 1st – All Day
Thursday, September 2nd – All Day
Located at Camp:
Camp Gratitude
Camp Gratitude
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Throat Singing sounds like a didgeridoo, only anyone can do it without any instrument at all.
Learn several Tuvan styles of singing one of which is also used by Buddhist monks as well.
Women and men can both throat sing naturally.
Through listening and instruction you'll learn one or more of these different styles and how to combine them.
I also have been combining throat singing with beat boxing. This is a lot of fun and adds an awesome dimension to beat boxing.
Once you learn to do it, and become proficient at it, you can throat sing into a didgeridoo and the resonant tones produce and amazing sometimes hypnotic affect.

Come by Camp Gratitude during the day and ask if RememberZ is available. If you catch me in one of many free moments we'll have a lesson. There will also be specific scheduled events as well.