Black Rock Warriors

Dates and Times:
Sunday, August 28th – All Day
Monday, August 29th – All Day
Tuesday, August 30th – All Day
Wednesday, August 31st – All Day
Thursday, September 1st – All Day
Friday, September 2nd – All Day
Saturday, September 3rd – All Day
Sunday, September 4th – All Day
Located at Camp:
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Come take sides in a week-long Black Rock gang war! New recruits are welcome any time, and will be initiated through unique rites of passage and get to choose squirt guns and different-colored bandannas signifying their clan membership. Throughout the week, potentially hundreds of warriors will be encouraged to hunt members of rival clans (identified by their prominently displayed bandanas) all across the playa, working independently or taking part in large pre-scheduled shoot-outs. Black Rock warriors killed by the opposing gangs must sign their killers' bandanas to signify the coup, and remain dead until they resurrect that night at sunset--unless they perform a mutually-agreed-upon service for their killer (such as a funny dance, a gift of food or alcohol, or something crazier), in which case they resurrect immediately. Band together with your friends and get to know your enemies as you hunt complete strangers throughout the week! Nowhere is safe, unless you take off your bandana--but then you can't shoot anyone either, and who wants that? Hunt for favors, to meet new people, to have your victory recorded in the camp's log book, or for the sheer honor of the kill!