Following Life/Body Meditation Practice

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011, 11:30 AM – 1 PM
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Tired of workshops, spiritual practices, seeking and striving and trying to make things happen in the world?

How about just Following Life? How about letting go of the striving and seeking and, instead, just connecting intimately with whatever life is bringing to your awareness right now, in this moment? This feeling, this sensation in your body, this thought. How about following this, not analyzing it or trying to figure out, but just allowing it and following it till it reveals life’s wisdom?

When we follow life we come into attunement with life. The struggle with life ceases, the tensions in our bodies, emotions and thoughts unwind and we open to the grace that is life. We make ourselves available to opportunities and possibilities greater than anything we could ever plan or strategize with our rational minds. Solutions present themselves, relationships heal and blossom, health and vitality expands and our sheer presence becomes a healing force in the world.

Following Life sessions are gatherings where we hold space together to more deeply follow life. Led by experienced facilitators we sit or lie in a circle and practice connecting with and actively following the body sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise in our awareness. We alternate speaking what is arising in our awareness while others listen and follow what is happening in their awareness. We create a collective field that allows everything and anything to be present, to be felt, healed, balanced and transformed. We accelerate our spiritual progress and evolution while becoming more deeply human and connected.

I have found these following life sessions to be the simplest, most grounded, yet powerful experience I have ever had and I love how deeply connecting they are with the people I come to meet and know through the practice. – RJ Noble, Bali

Tobin Giblin and Charlie Rebich, both long-time meditation practitioners and teachers, will facilitate these sessions on the Playa.