How to Feed the Artists: Loavs&Fishes&PlayaWishes

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011, 9 AM – 11 AM
Located at Camp:
Feed the Artists
Feed the Artists


Wherein you will unlock the secrets of the remarkable on-and-off Playa gift of edible bounty that is Feed the Artists. Learn the origins of the simple, radical idea of burning man camps organizing to share their meals with ‘starving artists’ who spend most of their Playa time installing and creating art for the community, and the resulting magic which continues to ensue and multiply with the breaking of bread, be it pita-, gluten-free, or -pudding . Share resources about Reno area food sources, refrigeration, and cooking facilities. Adapt this concept and infrastructure for your next regional burning man event, community or nonprofit event and watch the radical inclusion grow to biblical proportions! Let there be food!