Wobble in the Woods: Unicorn Rampage!

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011, 7 PM – 6 AM
Located at Camp:
Charlie the Unicorn
Charlie the Unicorn
starts at Walkabout Woods and then moves into the open playa!
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Unicorns and unicorn lovers, join us for some wobble and whomp as The Unicorn Stampede culminates at Walkabout Woods. Featuring the most infamous unicorn of them all - Charlie the Unicorn! We will celebrate until morning with magical DJs atop the Candy Cave and who knows where Pink and Blue will try to take us! Hold on to your kidneys, we're going on an adventure! Featuring DJ Dan, The Scumfrog, Sporty-O, Yentalbeats, divaDanielle, Hertz & Dirty and special sunrise set by Pumpkin!