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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011, 1:15 PM – 3 PM
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Camp Bacchanalia
Camp Bacchanalia
Engagement & 9:30
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Head in to our camp & choose your circumcision. We apply a prosthetic foreskin and then remove it. No cutting or pain. Please arrive clean.

In our day and age it is normal and often assumed that all baby boys are to be circumcised. Circumcision in our culture is thrust on the baby before he is given a chance to choose this irreversible physical change.
This one day event is an opportunity to choose and be completely aware of your rite of passage. Whether you have foreskin or not, all are welcome. Women are welcome to be a part of the ceremony as well.
The goal is to have a number of participants gather. Everyone has a chance to voice their personal feelings surrounding the subject of circumcision. (For example, any feelings of loss, resentment, thankfulness, hugeness, smallness, pain, joy, etc.)
The goal is to reach a universal sense of awareness and for every man to be complete in himself whether cut or uncut.
After the discussion, the foreskin awareness ceremony begins: (privately or publicly, his/her choice on an individual basis) the prosthetic foreskin will be introduced to the penis.
A moment of recognition is experienced. (Can include but is not limited to incense, fanning with palm fronds, tears, prayers, chanting.)
The prosthetic foreskin is then painlessly peeled away, by choice and in full awareness.
Each person gets to keep his/her own foreskin as a memento in an egg necklace.