Menstruation, A Rite of Passage for Every Woman!

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011, 3 PM – 4:30 PM
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Chakralicious Camp
Chakralicious Camp
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Today's culture has mostly forgotten the value of rites of passage in general and specifically, menstruation. This gateway is a valuable moment in a woman's life, which when neglected can potentially bring forth self-created initiations which can actually endanger a woman's sense of self and bring forth greater problems for her and her community. Some examples of self-created initiations are teen pregnancy, overuse of alcohol and drugs, joining cults, and more.

The purpose of a rite of passage is to acknowledge a great shift in one's life journey. These happen at times such as, birth, marriage, death, moving cities/states/countries, etc. Our society has created ceremonies or rituals for these occassions: weddings, funerals, barmitzfas (spelling?) so why not the entering of womNhood, a woman's first blood? And the men are even worse off with no formal introduction or method by which to acknowledge their entry into manhood. Again causing similar non-beneficial initiations.

So what is the big deal or rite of passage that menstruation offers? Simply put, it is the moment when a woman's spirit is anchored into her physical body to ground her into the earth reality. Not so simple maybe. We honor the girl's transition in ceremony with her community to welcome the fullness of who she us and who she is becoming. The strength of her community assists her in having the courage to stand fully in her body, spirit, heart and mind as one being. From this place, she can mature and grow into a woman who is rooted and supported.

I have invited men to participate in this ritual because I believe the new age calls for gender alchemy which is harmony between the sexes. Men are called to stand as witnesses, pillars of support and compassionate listeners. We are one in the human family and shall stand together in community.