SpaMarine: mobile massage & playa names

Dates and Times:
Sunday, August 28th – All Day
Monday, August 29th – All Day
Tuesday, August 30th – All Day
Wednesday, August 31st – All Day
Thursday, September 1st – All Day
Self Care
Located at Camp:
Namers at Rest
Namers at Rest
mobile mutant vehicle


THE CONNING TOWER OF A SUBMARINE POKES ABOVE THE INFINITE UNCARING SANDS -- INSIDE AWAITS A TRANQUIL PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE FOR ONE FORTUNATE INDIVIDUAL AT A TIME. _____ The profusion of unsaid assumptions, inside-jokes, unwritten rules, rhetoric of self-reliance and traditions at Burning Man are daunting for first-timers. The self-referential hype, the notion that there is always someone else having more fun, and that you are always missing the good stuff can create an insurmountable right-of-passage. _____ The SpaMarine mutant vehicle will wander the playa, seek out those individuals who are having a rotten time, those who need a break from the fuzzy neon stimuli and missed connections. The SpaMarine will take in one person at a time and offer them a customized spa experience within a private, soothing, calm, and quiet environment. _____ No booze-laden party car, taxi-service, or overly cushioned snuggle-nest, the SpaMarine is instead a safe womb that comforts, recharges, and reassures those who are feeling lonely, sad, or out-of-place. _____
The SpaMarine will entice a few participants to see past its cold exterior and dare to enter its comforting interior. The carefully fabricated exterior will impress with its faithful impression of a submarine and delight with its incongruity amongst the typical fantastical creations roaming the playa. While waiting for your personalized treatment, get a different perspective on the playa and calm yourself on our intimate outdoor second level. _____
Once inside the isolated and dust-free environment, a staff member may offer the single participant massage, aroma therapy, hard to glean insider information, comforting discussion, and interaction with a few familiar objects from the "normal" world. In conjunction with Playa Name Help, at the conclusion of your visit we will provide you with meaningful and respectful playa names to help you continue your own personal right-of-passage.