Menstruation Appreciation Day: BLeading With Love

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 31st – All Day
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Why should we appreciate menstruation? Every woman should ask herself this. Sure, it may be no big deal, however it might be a big deal if you are consistently suffering or cursing your body for this cyclical occurrence.

Menstruation can be seen as purely functional biologically, however, many cultures and traditions say otherwise. They viewed a woman's cycle as sacred and holy, sometimes, even cursed by the greatness of a woman's power during her bleeding time.

Woman are often revered for their intuition and ability to create life through her womb. In honoring our mooncycle, we honor the gift we have to bring new life into this world, when we curse our blood, we're cursing our bodies, our children, the earth, and the gift of life itself.

Now is the time to own the fullness of who you are as a woman; strong, beautiful, and full of love. Appreciate your body and all it does for you today and always!

For more info and to participate in a menstruation rite of passage, come to my other workshops on the playa listed as: Menstruation, A Rite of Passage for Every Woman!