Til Death Do You Part - MARRY YOURSELF!

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011, 3 PM – 8 PM
Located at Camp:
Whiskey and Whores Saloon
Whiskey and Whores Saloon
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'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART - Marry Yourself!" 
is a one-on-one live art performance between YOU and the Artist.
That is - The Participant and the Encouraging Priestess.

It is as secular or as meaningful as you decide - because it's art.

You will marry yourself (not someone else) in this quickie, Lost-Vegas parody of a western marriage ceremony, but cheaper.

It's Non-denominational. 

No need for a bride, groom, nor in-laws!. All you need is your body and soul. 

We offer bouquets to hold and rings and vows to keep. We take your wedding photo and you can grab it off the website. Pre-printed multiple choice vows can be used as inspiration
 or you can check off the boxes. A sample of the vows is on the site.

You may bring your own rings and vows. 

It’s your wedding, after all.

Want the mini-exorcism/divorce from past selves? Just ask.
it's on the form.

We are happy to accommodate you as deep as you're willing to go.
It's your wedding. 

Wear whatever makes you happy - costumes are welcome. It's your ceremony. 

Friends and Groups may attend at your discretion or you may go it in private. 
It's your wedding.

You can even take vows together, but you would not be marrying each other. 
Each one to his-herself.

It's kitschy and celebratory, but honestly, there is power in the vows.

You fill out the form, add what you like to it, and when you're done realizing that you deserve as much love, support and discipline as you give and expect from others - 
take it home as a personal contract.
It's all you, baby. We're just here to encourage you.