KittyTrim by The BushWhacker

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011, 8 AM – 4 PM
Located at Camp:
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The BushWhacker has Returned to offer his services for a One Day Only Special:

KittyTrim is a Pelvic Hair Design Service for Women over 18!

Kitty Trim provides special hygenial services for women.

The Bushwhacker is here to serve your needs.

The BushWhacker is a PhD (Pelvic Hair Designer) and his services are only for women 18 years young and older.

KittyTrim by The BushWhacker had offered his special services for 5 previous BM's and comes highly recommended by his previous clients.

The BushWhacker enables women to show their self-expression in a way they may not have previously done.

Rights of Passage have always been tied to the female human anatomy. There are many among us that believe your Rights of Passage occur after The BushWhacker's services (KittyTrim) have been performed.

KittyTrim is the
Ultimate Pampering Experience!

The BushWhacker's tools of the trade are scissors and multiple electric razors. Trimming and designs, if desired, are performed first. Then a special electric razor designed specifically for very smooth pelvic shaving is used for the finishing touch. Since it takes approximately thirty to forty-five minutes to perform each service, there are only a limited number that can be serviced. The process is slow, but he tries to be very careful in making this your
Ultimate Pampering Experience!

KittyTrim services are only offered Tuesday 10AM until 6PM with breaks for special events & food. The BushWhacker may at times be found in the Contraptions Chill room just next door where you can relax before your trim.

Please email [email protected] for appointment. If you have not signed up in advance, please come by to check for any open time slots.

Owners are expected to keep their kitties under control.

Location: Contraptionists Camp