Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011, 1 PM – 3 PM
Camp Mystic 5:00 & A
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Body / Mind / Heart / Spirit: We Need Integration for Our Survival: Experts say that if we do not turn our current global trajectory around in the next four years, it will become 1000 times more difficult to do so. It's apparent that we cannot rely on the hirearchical systems that created the mess we're in to solve the problem. How do we shift the seemingly unstoppable, markedly unconscious, and appallingly unsustainable direction of our human race - now? Our only hope is the emergence of a well-functioning, self-organizing human system where the body, mind, heart, and spirit are awakened. Join Raj Sundra (social entrepreneur), John Taylor (business and intellectual marvel), Allison Coleman (transformational educator), Michael Costurus (Lakota spiritualist and student of plant medicine in Peru), and Kim Iglinsky (one of the Bay Areas premier EFT trainers and formerly a prominent Israeli runway model) in a panel discussion on how to cause the rapid emergence of an integrated human system to source the creation of a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for all.