InFuseMent: Dreamer Meditation

Date and Time:
Monday, August 29th, 2011, 5 AM – 6 AM
Located at Camp:
Rites Of Zion
Rites Of Zion
Human Rites Portal at Rites of Zion Village


Sunrise Meditation after the Welcome Home celebration to increase the resolution of our collective consciousness.

As we revel, let us resonate so deeply with this experiment in community that we share the creations with Dreamers, Contemplators, Meditationists and those who believe in Imagining - anyone who can think Burning Man can join us in the experience as Creators.

Those whose Rite it is to carry the passage as a Bridge to the World.

For Those numbered 60,001+

We'll meet in the music, in the dust and the mystery, in the fire and company of new friends, in the shared experience of life - inFuseMent - flooding this network with an awareness of our connection! We welcome all travelers home!

In 2002, I sent a piece of art intentionally to Burning Man - I couldn't go, but that year, and every year after, sent some piece of creation, in 2002, I sent a chalk drawing on wood with a Viking. That was the first year I remember dreaming of Burning Man.

Although I had never been, I understood it to be a place of Art created in celebration of what it is to be fully unfurreled, in manifestation with high winds to carry you.

I was also beginning to more deeply study meditation and the dissolution of self. I would not travel to Burning Man by person for another 6 years. However, that year, by my dreams I began to travel to a place filled with light, creativity and vibration. Great fires (as in mythic-big!) and every human experience in outbursts of joy, anger, jubilation, fear, happiness, love - tears and laughter shouting and release - I began dreaming of Burning Man.

It would be years between these dreams and when I got my first ticket and traveled to Burning Man, American Dreamer, 2008.

Recommended: study dream meditation, dream yoga and 'remote viewing'.

This meditation is to strengthen the invitation to dreamers and other 'unseen beings' to join us in spirit as we celebrate creative culture wherever it is found.