Smile for Grandma Cafe Rite of Flashage

Dates and Times:
Sunday, August 28th – All Day
Monday, August 29th – All Day
Tuesday, August 30th – All Day
Wednesday, August 31st – All Day
Thursday, September 1st – All Day
Friday, September 2nd – All Day
Saturday, September 3rd – All Day
Sunday, September 4th – All Day
For Kids
Located at Camp:
Smile for Grandma: Rights of Flashage Cafe'
Smile for Grandma: Rights of Flashage Cafe'
9:15 and Hajj


Smile for Grandma: Rights of Flashage Cafe':
Serving coffee and other hot drinks mornings and early evenings

Relax in Grandma's living room and become a portrait on her wall. Bring a camera!

Rights of Nasal Drainage: 9-11a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
Dust getting your nose down? Come by for some nasal relief with our multiple sinus neti pots.

Rights of Cabbage: come learn how to make soured cabbage, playa-style. Days and times TBA.

And Grandma is serving Milk and Cookies on Friday from 4-6 or until supplies run out