Thanks for Building the City PARTY!

Date and Time:
Monday, August 27th, 2012, 7 PM – 12 AM
Located at Camp:
Automatic Subconscious
Automatic Subconscious
2:30 & Esplanade
Contact Email:


AutoSub loves Early Crews! We would like to say Thanks to YOU for building the city! Come on down to our dome & party it up! After all of your hard work, the DRINKS ARE ON US!
Tuckered out from all your hard work? You can view all the action from the upper-level hammock netting inside the dome. So come by and enjoy it, you deserve it! Not too tuckered to try out those new dancin' shoes? Break them in to the best DJs Boston's got to offer!
9-10: Helvetica Scenario
10-11: Serial Krusher
11-12: Moldover
12-1: Friar Tuck
1-2: Encanti