Golden Cafe 10th Anniversary

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 28th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Black Rock French Quarter
Black Rock French Quarter


No kidding - 2012 really is the 10TH YEAR of the Golden Cafe on playa!To celebrate, there will be a party all day and all night. You heard right, the Golden Cafe, the most quaint little daytime bar at Burning Man, will be open for one solid night, with all that light...glowing drinks...mutant bands...DJs...stilt walkers...burlesque...dancing in the streets...We aim to make it EPIC and CRAZY, the way Burners partied back in 2003, and WE NEED YOUR HELP. From Wednesday morning to Thursday morning, wave after wave of camps are invited to join the bedlam wearing their colors, for a special appropriate treat. Let us know how you want to participate and what we can do to lend a hand - we're up for whatever it takes to make the event so ridiculous that it parts the