Tower of Nowhere Live Bell Casting

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, 5:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Located at Art:
Nowhere Bell Tower (UK CORE)
Nowhere Bell Tower (UK CORE)
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This year, the UK Regional Burning Man Community is to create one of the largest collaborative art projects from this side of the pond.

The 'Tower of Nowhere' is a 20-foot bell tower, and a physical manifestation of our virtual community. It represents our hopes, dreams, memories, life and death and eventually rebirth. The tower will be planned in the UK, and built from scratch in the Black Rock Desert.

The bell founding takes place on the Tuesday night, beside the Tower of Nowhere on the Playa. We will cast five bells, a large central one which hangs as the centrepiece and four others encircling this, hung on each support.

The bell casting is surrounded by ritual and theatre, with people being invited to gift jewellery (copper, brass, bronze, tin, zinc, gold, silver but not steel, titanium etc) to the molten metal, in order to become a part of the bells themselves.

Imagine the atmosphere filled with chaos and fervour, anticipation and ritual, and a mesmerising display of traditional craftsmanship!

The grand finale sees the great reveal, as the crucible is lifted out of the fiery furnace, the blazing phosphorescent bronze liquid and glowing as it is poured into the bell mould.