Tower of Nowhere Day of Celebration

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 28th – All Day
Located at Art:
Nowhere Bell Tower (UK CORE)
Nowhere Bell Tower (UK CORE)
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After the night of the ritual and theatre of the live bell casting - in an atmosphere filled with chaos and fervour, anticipation and ritual, and a mesmerising display of traditional craftsmanship, and the grand finale of the crucible being lifted out of the fiery furnace and the blazing phosphorescent bronze liquid glowing as it is poured into the bell mould - let us descend on a day of contemplation and celebration!For one day only, the Tower of Nowhere becomes an empty canvas - just like the once unoccupied plains of the Black Rock Desert - here, for you to paint on. Ring the bell, meditate, find your inner peace, perform a ritual, get married, host a tea party or simply read the beautiful messages on the flags which were created by the UK and Nowhere Burner communities.If you have an event you'd like to host, please get in touch.