Playa Puzzlehunt

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, August 28th – All Day
Wednesday, August 29th – All Day
Thursday, August 30th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Alternative Energy Zone village
Alternative Energy Zone village
Contact Email:


Solve puzzles alone or together! Grab the first (easy) clue from Camp Cydonia, in the Alternative Energy Zone village, then take your time wandering the playa and searching for more.

Valuable prizes include: Love, the joy of discovery, the approval and praise of your fellow humans.

(Other prizes subject to availability, void where prohibited, do not lick, see your doctor if prizes last more than four hours.)

Come get your first clue from us whenever you're ready. Each clue, when solved, will lead you somewhere on the playa to find the next one. Once you get to the end, bring the last one back to us for valuable prizes as described above.

We promise fun times for all. (Actually we promise nothing, but we bet you'll enjoy it!) Come try it out!