Recycle your Aluminum Cans..!

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 27th, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Wednesday, August 29th, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Thursday, August 30th, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Friday, August 31st, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Saturday, September 1st, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, 7 AM – 3 PM
Located at Camp:
Black Rock City Recycle Camp
Black Rock City Recycle Camp


Do you want to reduce the amount of recycling you will have to pack out? Great! Separate your aluminum cans and bring them to Black Rock City Recycle Camp!!! We are located in Center Camp at 6:00, directly behind the Cafe. The camp is "Open" and ready to accept your cans Monday through Sunday, 9am to 5pm. Bring your clean, separated aluminum cans only. We don't accept any other recyclables, you must pack them out. And we definitely don't want your trash. We provide a sorting area to check your cans for anything that isn't aluminum. Then you can ride the bike that powers the can crusher and crush your cans. After your cans get crushed, you will put your crushed cans into the large containers at the camp. All proceeds from the aluminum are donated to the Gerlach K-12 School in Gerlach, NV. Come join in the fun while doing a good thing for the planet and BRC..!