The Sammie Wagon

Dates and Times:
Sunday, August 26th – All Day
Monday, August 27th – All Day
Tuesday, August 28th – All Day
Wednesday, August 29th – All Day
Thursday, August 30th – All Day
Friday, August 31st – All Day
Food & Drink


You look tired 'hun. Sit down and let me make you a sammie.

The SammieWagon is a pedal-powered mobile 50's kitchen that brings you a touch of home and a yummy grilled cheese sandwich on the playa.

If our stylish kitsch wagon chooses you as a victim, a beehived housewife and pipe puffing patriarch will sit you down and ask you how your day's been while we make you a delicious cheese sandwich at a table for one. Before you can stop to remember what decade it is, the wagon disappears into a dust cloud, leaving you wonder if you even ate a sandwich at all, or if it was just your sun addled brain feeding you delicious imagery of a bygone era.