Black Rock Scouts with Lamp Lighters

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, 3 PM – 7 PM
Located at Camp:
5:30 between D and F



Black Rock Scouts and their parents will meet at the center of Kidsville and we will walk to the Lamplighter station. There we will don our ceremonial lamplighter garb and help light the playa. Carrying kerosene lanterns, Scouts will being doing more than providing a utility, Scouts will be performing a duty that is a symbol of participation in our community, and the magic of evening will be upon us (especially for the Black Rock Scouts because that evening we are going on Night Art Tour!).

About Lamplighters:

The Lamplighting ritual at Burning Man is a quiet an essential part of the communal desert experience. It creates a sense of a real city with street lamps and invokes an old tradition of lamplighting that contrasts nicely with the technical innovations of today. Check out this awesome blogpost to learn more about the history of lamplighting at Burning Man.

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The Lamplighters draw more than 100 participants every evening of the event. In 1993 there were a dozen lanterns; now there are nearly 1000 to lift onto the spires that line the Esplanade pathways to the Man. To accomplish this considerable task, they ask for your help, and this year, they are inviting Black Rock Scouts and their parents to be a part of this community, this event, and their tradition. By the time the event ends, more than 1000 people will have helped the Lamplighters accomplish their important work.