The New World Manifesto!

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, 10 PM – 10 PM
Located at Art:
To be determined!
To be determined!


We are on a mission for creative and consciousness-awakening ideas for the ‘New World’. The Mayan prophesy states that we are approaching the end of an age in 2012 – this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our choice of how we enter the future ahead. How we cross this threshold will determine how we transition into the coming age.The American nation has already seen a taste of what is to come from other nations, with a gradual decline in standards, increased unemployment and the real-estate and industrial collapse. Coinciding with the ending of the Mayan calendar in December 2012, we feel there is an increased public focus on world events which acts as a catalyst for major change.This project documents the progression of the fulfillment of our objective – collecting entries for The New World Manifesto. Contributions to the manifesto will be personally delivered to the ‘Gods of the Elements’ in Chichen Itza on the 21st December 2012.We are bringing the question to you; How do you want to enter this new age? This project is designed so that people from around the world can contribute to the Manifesto. We will be:-Creating an online documentary series, event log and blog of our voyage.-Uploading content daily that you can comment on and participate in.-Searching for contributors for our ‘new world manifesto’.-Interviewing people from a cross-section of American society.-Filming the ‘making-of’ documentary feature film for release in Feb. 2013.The story is narrated by five leading characters - a cabaret performer, a reporter, an actor, a cook and an artist. They will be Accompanied by the 3 crew members, the cinematographers / photographers.In each documentary episode, the interviewees will be asked about their vision of the ‘New World’ and will be offered the opportunity to enter their wishes into The Manifesto. We are all creating our future right now! So let's do it together!