Sensual Exploration and Empowerment through Dance

Date and Time:
Monday, August 27th, 2012, 12 PM – 2 PM
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Join us for an experiential dance journey held in the vibrancy of the 5 Rhythms, SheddingSkins and Dancing Freedom movement practices.

We will begin by discovering our sensual expression slowly from the inside...finding that center point of self-love and self-care and allowing it to grow from our heart center out into the physical, exploring from fingertips to belly to toes how to cultivate this feeling inside while inviting it to be present outside.

From here we will reveal how to extend that dance to the space around us and (always in clear choice, never pushing beyond out own place of 'yes') then how to connect it with others, discovering how connecting affects our own dance, that of another and of the space between to honor and care for self, invite sensual expression with others and allow each to be witnessed and held in that sweet dance of our authentic self which is ever connected, rooted and free.

About Your Facilitators:

Eugene Hedlund is a certified 5 Rhythms teacher and the founder of the SheddingSkins path of personal transformation. He is based in San Diego, California and teaches both 5 Rhythms and SheddingSkins workshops throughout the US and in Europe.

The SheddingSkins path is a seamless blend of Movement Meditation, Sound Alchemy, Shamanic Ritual and Tantric Ceremony into one cohesive practice where each of these medicines are used to create a comprehensive system of personal transformation.

Tessabella is a Massage Therapist and spiritual dance practitioner who has found great passion, grounding and healing in movement. Dance is both a therapy and a celebration for her. She loves the magic, power and immensity of the transformation and awakening she experiences in herself and others through movement.