help build The Universal Boop Zone

Date and Time:
Monday, August 27th – All Day
Located at Art:
Universal Boop Zone
Universal Boop Zone
creation station back at camp
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we are encouraging all burners new or old to bring elements of the universal boop zone and join our krew.All levels of commitment and skills required...we try to be a recycled camp where possible help in that area would be most build the piece or craft elements back at base camp in the creation station.bring us your boops to burn,fetch us rope pvc tubing and rebar we need lots to make this safe...bring paint and sheets/curtains and boopem up(boopem at home if u can plse)......check out our face-crack page and kickstarter for details of all the fings we r upto ....booop booooop find one and get on with it....we look forward to your participation )"( boop baby BOOP)"(......we will also be needing people to help run the piece and perform as a slaves and masters to the boop from thursday and this would be a good time to sign up................of course we would like some help the following muday mooping after all that booping....