BRC Ski Patrol Complaint Dept.

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 27th – All Day
Tuesday, August 28th – All Day
Wednesday, August 29th – All Day
Thursday, August 30th – All Day
Friday, August 31st – All Day
Saturday, September 1st – All Day
Located at Camp:
"Ignited States"
"Ignited States"


Murphy’s Law doesn’t exist on the playa. No, when something goes wrong, it’s the BRC Ski Patrol that’s fuckin’ with ya!

No TP in the porta potty at the very moment you need it most? Don’t blame the ORG for not keeping it stocked, don’t blame yourself for not bringing your own, blame the damn Ski Patrol - they must’ve hidden it!

Bike stuck in a pile o’ dust? That damn ski patrol put it there just to fuck with you!

You know you packed that tutu you slaved over making. Now here it is, TuTu Tuesday, and it’s not there! It’s that damn Ski Patrol again... one of them must be wearing it!

You get the idea. Got something to blame on the Ski Patrol?

BRC Ski Patrol Complaint Department will be open to take your complaints during various hours throughout the week.

"Good luck with that."