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1worldcurrency camp hosts the Granary Receipt Project. A financial revolution and Jubilee. Be gone fiat currency and usury and hello pure money and abundance. Coconut currency anyone? John Frum?

Learn the secret lost in the Garden of Eden that money grows on trees. It is the secret hidden from us by the serpent viper money changers. Learn how to destroy all fiat currency and turn it into gods money. Time, technology and resource based currencies.

Learn how you can convert your fiat currency into food based currency thus returning the fiat to the bankers who printed it and leaving you with an actual valuable commodity to spend into the economy.

Its simple you purchase a bag of grain from a local producer only they agree to store it for you and you get the receipt to trade for other goods or services. Now you have a pure resource based currency. It has more intrinsic value than fiat as it can be eaten.

The receipt for the goods must be claimed by a certain date to be valid as the product has a shelf life and the grower storing the grain has to pay for storage. The receipt has the value of the grain paid in dollars and denotes the weight the receipt is good for.
The receipt can be traded for the fiat currency value or the weight value.

In this way any agricultural community can regain control of their money supply.

May peace be with you,