Re-Connection Yoga ~ @ The Rootist Temple ~

Date and Time:
Monday, August 26th, 2013, 11 AM – 1 PM
Located at Camp:
Intergalactic Sasquatch Village
Intergalactic Sasquatch Village


As we find our path along that clock we call a road,Let the winds blow you towards 2 o'clk & K,There you will find a Village,An Intergalactic Sasquatch Village,~ In this Village will stand ~ The Rootist Temple ~Where a gift you shall receive,A gift for the body, A gift for mind,It is the hope of of the teacher,that each of you share what he is offering,that we can all re-connect in this way,~ bringing you back home to your center~~ Re-connection Yoga on the Playa ~ @ The Rootist Temple ~Offered Monday thru ThursdayEveryone morning at 11amIntergalactic Sasquatch Village @ The Rootist Temple 2&k,Have you been wondering what the Rootist Temple Stands for? Have you been wondering what is Rootism? Have you been wondering what is Rootist & PHY yoga? Well then, wonder no more:The Rootist understands that the path of oneness forks many roads. There are infinite possibilities from which we may choose along the way. It’s the journey.We will learn from our experiences as we evolve as humans, and we may hopefully learn to peel away the layers of illusion fostered by maturity and our life experiences. Through study and inquiry we may also find common threads from the ancient teachings linked to modern expressions of spirituality.We may even sense unity at some point.What is beautiful about life is that there are multiple unique levels of exploration within each of us. Each layer can reveal a different angle or new areas of focus for growth evolving us to become prismatic.Our potential is driven from the main spirit channel, the heart – the keeper of our spark. Our breathing, the spiritus from which the word spirit evolved, is feeding the spark.Self-Awareness happens when we identify and tap into the roots of our beliefs with evaluation and reflection.Rootism is the belief that the truth is all around us always yet often hidden like a gem in the rough waiting for us to discover it with great enthusiasm.