Tribal Painting - Ancient Cave at Sacred Spaces

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 26th – All Day
Tuesday, August 27th – All Day
Wednesday, August 28th – All Day
Thursday, August 29th – All Day
Friday, August 30th – All Day
Saturday, August 31st – All Day
Sunday, September 1st – All Day
Monday, September 2nd – All Day
Located at Camp:
Sacred Spaces Village
Sacred Spaces Village
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Come paint the stories of Burning Man 2013 on the walls of the Ancient Cave Dome of Cymatica at Sacred Spaces Village.

We've set up a blank canvas of cave wall in a 24 foot geodesic dome. We'll provide paints made from natural dyes (pre-made before coming to the playa and in sealed containers, used only within the space of the dome).

The cave also serves as a communal space and backdrop of several Sacred Spaces events including movie showings by Cymatica, Dinosaur lectures by Dino Camp, and documentary screenings TBD.