The Om of Burning Man

Date and Time:
Monday, August 26th, 2013, 12 AM – 10 AM
Located at Camp:
OMitting Station
OMitting Station
9:15 and D, Omitting Station
Contact Email:


Come hang out in our cozy chill domes and learn about secular meditation, have a blended margarita, and Om it up with your hOmies. We are teaching people to Om and recording their unique voice to be layered into an audio file with hundreds(thousands?) of other voices.

The recording station is at our camp, Omitting Station, 9:15 and D, last chance to record is Saturday at 10:00AM (1:00PM if you come with bacon).

This recording will be played (at least) twice: Once at 8PM Saturday at the Man, and once after the temple burn on Sunday from our friends Nexus Bobo's Bayou (art car). We welcome you to our camp, come make your voice heard and join in the unity of the Om of Burning Man!