Pee Funnel Camp

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 26th – All Day
Tuesday, August 27th – All Day
Wednesday, August 28th – All Day
Thursday, August 29th – All Day
Friday, August 30th – All Day
Saturday, August 31st – All Day
Sunday, September 1st – All Day
Monday, September 2nd – All Day
Located at Camp:
Pee Funnel Camp
Pee Funnel Camp
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Find the Pee Funnel. Use the Pee Funnel. Worship the Pee Funnel. You have worshipped/hated us into extinction! All hail Pee Funnels! The Pee Funnel sucks! We love you Pee Funnel Camp! Fuck Pee Funnel Camp! Come one, come all - pick up one of the very last batch of Pee Funnels at Pee Funnel Camp. No more hand made Pee Funnels for Pee Funnel camp - so yours is an artifact. Get it early or we *will* run out. Pee Funnels allow ladies to easily stand and pee or aim into a jug. No more exhausting and cold visits to the port-a-potty during the night - pee in a bottle and dump it in the morning!