Ribbon Party!

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 26th – All Day
Tuesday, August 27th – All Day
Wednesday, August 28th – All Day
Thursday, August 29th – All Day
Friday, August 30th – All Day
Saturday, August 31st – All Day
Mature Audiences
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Looking for a play partner?
Join the ribbon party at Retrofrolic ALL WEEK LONG!
The ribbons are an invitation to flirt, negotiate and play with each other. They show that you are seeking a play partner tonight and what kind of play you are interested in.
Wearing ribbons gives permission for others to approach you with play invitations and lets you see at a glance who might be interested in being approached by you.

If you are a DOMINANT/top, wear your ribbons on your LEFT wrist.

If you are a SUBMISSIVE/bottom, wear your ribbons on the RIGHT.

Switch? Slutty? Wear them on BOTH sides!

No one is obligated, consider this a color coded ice breaker.
This ribbon code is loosely based on the famous "hanky code", but we have made some changes (to make it easier).