Tsunami Bass Experience

Date and Time:
Monday, August 26th, 2013, 8 PM – 6 AM
Located at Camp:
Tsunami Bass Experience
Tsunami Bass Experience
10 o'clock & deep playa


Come by for a refreshing dip in the multi-sensory waves we will be deluging once again at Camp Tsunami Bass Experience, located at 10 o'clock & deep playa. For our third incarnation the TBE~WaVe~ installation, our body~sonic dance platforms that afford participants a uniquely interactive experience to engage kinesthetically with the music, we are upping the visual ante with the addition of a 30ft. dome to our public frontage. This structure, which will be combined with our wave sculpture, will be curated by the visualist CINEMOEBA, who, as per his 2012 work, will once again be providing a wonderland of analog feedback & other projected delights. This in combination with our live fusion and Dubstep centric line-up featuring some of the finest bass culture talent available on playa, denizens of Black Rock City can expect a fourth dimensional EXPERIENCE like no other. Come wobble the TBE~WaVe~ and challenge your perceptions of bass culture music from every learning and thinking modality. Discover the optimal conditions for proper bass culture appreciation, the facilitation of which is our primary mission. We are devoted to ensuring the Tsunami Bass well~spring of proper bass culture on playa is properly nurtured and celebrated at Burning Man. As the TBE Multiversity of Bass Culture Appreciation founders will preach, proper edutainment is our main goal. We invite you to open your heart/mind and try a new "substance over style" attuned environment, carefully curated by bass culture artists (Established by the Tsunami Bass Experience's Morphous & ShiZaru) for artists & aficionados. This is not a "nightclub on playa" but rather a welcome respite for those seeking low-end frequency with the utmost decency... join us for a more intimate and holistically immersive esthetic environment in which you will experience a full range of frequencies, with the decibels enlightenly engineered properly. Line-up will be posted to the internets so find us!! ~Cheers!~}*{~ (BYOB, NO MOOP)