Life in 5 Words

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 26th – All Day
Tuesday, August 27th – All Day
Wednesday, August 28th – All Day
Thursday, August 29th – All Day
Friday, August 30th – All Day
Saturday, August 31st – All Day
Sunday, September 1st – All Day
Located at Camp:
Temple of Ra
Temple of Ra
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What is the meaning of life in 5 words? If you’re lucky enough to find the Tree of Life reaching for the sky, you realize you had the answer all along.
The "Life in 5 Words" project began in the desert of Black Rock City, at Burning Man 2010.
A small wooden desk is built on the side of the road. It is guarded by the Tree of Life, a "palm" tree with leafy hands outstretched to the sky. Inside there is the blank Book of Life. Anyone who opens this mysterious book is greeted with the question “What is the meaning of life?” The Catch: your answer has to be in 5 words, no more no less.
Answers will be written within the book’s dusty pages throughout the week of Burning Man. Ravers, demons, and dusty pilgrims will stop to reflect and contribute their answers. It is a shared experience; anyone and everyone has access to the book.