Pope's Massage and Hair Wash

Date and Time:
Monday, August 26th, 2013, 9 AM – 9 AM
Mature Audiences
Sensual Pleasures, The Camp for Sensual Pleasures
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At our oasis the Pope will wash your hair, massage your body and invigorate your spirit. My 18th year on the Playa. We are located in Sensual Pleasures Camp with the Orgasamator. It is our wish that ladies young and old be safe and secure with their sensual nature. We are a small camp with Veteran burners. With the right persuasion I will wash and tend to your playa caked feet. I also may provide additional personal services. Treatment for Playa Foot, Treatment for Playagina, Leg Shave, Bikini Shave and Trim, Clean Shave, Landing Strip Maintenance, Our services are safe, considerate and consensual! I reserve the right to say no!